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It's not about designing a house. Anyone can draw a box for you to live in. Here at ArcHouse Design Group, we want to design your dreams. Your home is the life and soul of your family. It's the life and soul of your community. It's a reflection of your needs and desires. Not just anyone can give you that. Our philosophy is centered around the belief that a collaborative approach between the client and the designer will produce a home that goes beyond expectations.

A builder's needs are vast and varied, and we have the knowledge and experience to fully understand them. Our builder services range from conceptual design only (floor plan, with elevation, on CAD) to a full plan package. Maybe you have an existing plan that needs customized changes made to it. If this is your need, then our hourly services are for you.

We also offer construction document services (working drawings) where no design is involved, site work/lot fits, and framing plans (for estimating purposes/no engineering). We specialize in a complete plan package, which would include conceptual design, construction documents (first and second floor plans with dimensions and annotations, electrical plan, cabinet and interior elevation sheet, front/side/rear elevations, roof plan, and a foundation-forming plan (no engineering), with dimensions and drops.

With the needs of society becoming ever-changing, developers are seizing upon the opportunity to provide facilities that are both practical in function and luxurious in design. These facilities provide retail space, office tower, parking structure, and luxury condominium residences all in one building. We are your source for design and execution of these multi-million dollar projects.

With our partnership with Jeb Burns Architects, we are poised to guide our clients through the creative and decision-making processes of commercial projects, while drawing on our understanding of the constraint of function, site characteristics, aesthetic design, and budget that are unique to each project. Whether it is a retail center or a community church, we want to be your project partner.